Are You Making These Facebook Mistakes?
Rati Agrawal
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Are You Making These Facebook Mistakes?

These mistakes can make or break your brand

The past 24 months have created massive changes in the golf industry, specifically in the areas around new player engagement and the adoption of technology. Undoubtedly, your members are getting younger, there is craft beer in your restaurant and no one can survive without Wi-Fi and the ability to interact with your club on their phone. With the changing times comes the ever-changing marketing strategies and social media remains an important component of a smart marketing strategy. Due to the demographics of the golf industry, one of the most effective and relevant social media platforms for golf courses continues to be Facebook. But just having a Facebook profile is not enough. Many golf courses with Facebook profiles are making basic mistakes, driving customers away instead of bringing them in to the club atmosphere. Here are a few mistakes that we see our industry make frequently.

Constant Focus on the Sale

First, let’s remember this is social media not SALES media.  Your targeted audience on Facebook is looking at their Facebook news feed for the purposes of seeing their social network.  Is your Facebook page all about pushing the sale your own products, the tee times, food items etc.? You need to stop and ask yourself, why will the customers follow you if the page is all about selling your products. They want to see the social side of your club, the events and participants.  That doesn’t mean you should never share a deal or a promotion, but it does mean that if that’s the only content on your page you are unlikely to inspire interest in your club.  Along with deals and promotions it is important to add educational videos and photos, interviews, some candid shots of players or hole-in-one announcements.  The point of preparing and distributing content on your social media pages, and specifically your Facebook page, is to get the attention of the customers and potential members and make them like, follow and share your posts. That will help increase your engagement with your current members as well.

Stale and Redundant content

We know every Thursday is Thirsty Thursdays or Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays and you want to promote that on your social media profiles, but using the same content repeatedly is likely to result in training people to ignore your content. Sharing the same event poster for 4 consecutive weeks is also not a recipe for success.  You need to remember that the event and promotion can be the same but the design cannot stay static and without change.  You have to get creative with the designs, in an effort to create interest and avoid the trap of using the same poster repeatedly.  This doesn’t mean you have to have 4 posters, but it does mean that you should change up the design of your Facebook posts to ensure that you are not making the mistake of redundant and stale content.  That will keep the audiences engaged and instead of just scrolling by, they will consume your content.

Asleep at the Wheel

A lot of people, especially millennials, connect to businesses via social media. The shift away from phone calls, and to forms of communication within their network like texting, has changed how people make connection and request more information from their club.  We have seen a huge trend toward members having the preference of sending a message to your Facebook page instead of calling you about the issue. Many even comment on your posts and the best way to connect with them is replying instantly. It is generally accepted that you will not be able to respond at every hour of the day, but during the day try to be vigilant, keep your notifications on and reply as soon as possible. Identifying the right person on your team for these responses is also critical, as a response on direct message or a thank you on the comments can be very instrumental in creating a long lasting relationship.


They say timing is everything in life, and its everything on Facebook as well. So if you are posting randomly throughout the day, and at any time of the day, then your engagement rate is going to be low automatically. Head to your Facebook insights and see what times your audiences engaging the most with your content each day and post between those times. Statistically speaking, most businesses find the best times to post on Facebook is always before 11 am depending on your location. But it might also vary from demographic to demographic. Check your most engaged timings and go ahead and post


Do you have a consistent approach to your Facebook page that mirrors your website and overall brand messaging?  Does your Facebook page have any updated collateral or images? We find it very common that a club’s website is far more prepared and designed than the Facebook page, which can look old, dated, and often have stale content and poor pictures.  When you look at your website, and then look at your Facebook page, do they look like the same business?  Do they look the same age or in the same condition?  It’s always a good idea to spend valuable time with your website imagery, picture selection, etc.  Make sure you’re spending a little time creating consistency on your social media as well.

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