Holiday Revenue Ideas
Andres Prieto
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Holiday Revenue Ideas

As we near the end of the year, most operators are shifting their attention toward 2021 and looking for ways to add holiday revenue as their customers look for gift ideas for the special people in their lives.  Now is the time to take advantage of various marketing opportunities that allow your customers to buy retail gifts, memberships or membership renewals and future rounds of golf.  Depending upon your latitude, you might even be open for business and busy with rounds of golf!

Different Marketing for Different People

Most of our clients have several different types of customers, from casual golfers that visited them only once or twice a year, to the dedicated avid members that play a high number of rounds annually.  It’s a good strategy to send these groups different offers based on their individual purchasing behavior.  Segmenting your database based on actual purchasing behavior is the best way to create targeted groups of people based on what they have OR have not purchased from you!


Casual/1st Timers

This year has been unlike nearly any other in recent history, with the demand  for tee times being at an all time high for many properties.  As a result, your  property likely encountered a couple thousand golfers that either hadn’t played  you in the previous 12 months or had never played your course at all in the  past.  Getting those players to return for even a single round is a significant  boost in your retention annually, and likely to add 1,000 or more rounds the  following year.  These are the golfers that can receive your most aggressive  offer for a round of golf, and if possible, having them pre-pay for a future round  of golf solidifies a future visit to your property. 


Avid Members

Many of our clients had significant growth in their membership in 2020, and are looking for smart ways to capitalize on this  larger and more active membership.  From our conversations with clients, we also recognize that it’s very possible that your  most dedicated and avid players actually played less golf in 2020 than they did in 2019.  With incredible demand for golf,  many members were unable to get the tee times that they usually enjoyed, and were often unable to get the tee times they  wanted on the dates and times that they were hoping to secure. 

There are several strategies for these members that could  be appropriate for your property:


1) Membership Renewals: 

Offering your membership a chance to secure their 2021 membership is a great way to get early commitments and a nice holiday gift for themselves or a special person in their life. These early renewals can be given a discount, but that is not a requirement.  Early membership renewals can be rewarded with a retail discount in the golf shop for holiday shopping, an invitation to a private event in 2021, or provided additional value in a membership renewal gift (Logo Jacket, Cart fee punch card, range card, etc).

2) Member-Only Holiday Sale:

If you don’t already, hosting a private members-only holiday shopping event is a great way to reward members and give them private access to holiday deals.  If you’re still dealing with COVID restrictions, providing an invitation for appointment-based shopping experiences with limited and restricted shoppers and a more private socially distanced experienced can be very appreciated by members.

3) New Customer Acquisition: 

No revenue plan is complete if it doesn’t include a way for you to grow by acquiring new customers.  The challenge is always finding new ways to introduce your property to people that otherwise might not think of you as an option.  Now is the time for you to identify a strong pre-paid rounds package that you think would be attractive to new customers. 

Once you have created a strong offer, check with your POS provider for ways to create promo codes or private ecommerce landing pages that offer that pre-paid rounds package.  Social media is the best way to target a feeder market or geographic area that you want to target with new customer acquisition.  We have seen some of our clients sell these packages very successfully, even in neighboring cities and states!

If you have any questions, or need help identifying and create a strategy and plan to execute, let us know, we would be happy to help!

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