Announcing Recommendations – Increasing Conversions Throughout The TEI Suite

Announcing Recommendations – Increasing Conversions Throughout The TEI Suite

Total e Integrated is excited to announce the release of its latest feature to the Web Solution suite – Recommendations. The Recommendations tool allows TEI to connect the entire web solution suite even further by communicating suggested items from various modules within product pages. For example, the new recommendation tool would allow a club to promote branded golf balls or apparel as individuals register to an event online.

eCommerce Recommendations on Product Page

Example Item Recommendations On Event Details Page

In 2014, a Barilliance study looked into the benefits of product recommendations and discovered the following…

1. In Q4 2014, up to 31% of total web revenue for eCommerce sites was attributed to personalized product recommendations.

2. Visitors who click product recommendations are 5.5 times more likely to convert than customers who do not.


Easily Promote Products to Customers

With the recommendations feature, you can easily showcase inventory, services and events based on the product the customer is viewing. Perfect for selling high-margin inventory, promoting new products or increasing utilization of amenities on property. In fact, the same Barilliance study found that the worldwide average of website revenue generated from product recommendations was 12%.

Total e Integrated’s recommendation tool takes things further than most, by integrating recommendations throughout the entire suite, including event bookings, ecommerce shopping, membership renewals, and soon the tee time booking engine!

eCommerce Recommendations Example

Example Recommendations On An Event Registration Page


Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us today to see how Total e Integrated's recommendations tool can drive sales, conversions and total order values.


Interested in Promoting Recommended Products?

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