Getting To 95% Data Capture
Ian Robinson

Getting To 95% Data Capture

Collecting data on your customers is one of the most important business processes for a club industry operator. Simply linking transactions with a customer record tells an operator about each customer’s likes, habits, trends and preferences. Understanding what customers want can help build marketing initiatives, tailor communications and evaluate business performance. 

Through years of experience working with club owners and operators, Mike Flannagan has put together a list of some of the best and most creative ways to increase data capture rates in a club organization. Some of the topics covered include: what data should be captured, how to capture the data, how to deal with customer pushback, and how to deal with employee pushback. If you’re interested in improving your data capture success, this thought leadership paper is a great way to get started. Click the link below to learn more...


 Download the Thought Leadership Paper Now

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