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Restaurant Reservation Software

Create a superb customer experience with Total e Integrated’s restaurant reservation software – a powerful online reservation system for restaurants.

Responsive Restaurant Booking Software

Key Benefits of TEI's Restaurant Reservation Software

TEI's online reservation software makes it easy to maximize food & beverage revenues and customer experience at your club.


Customer Experience

It’s all about the customer, and with TEI’s dining reservation software you can create a build a refined and exclusive customer experience.

Time Savings

Less time on the phone taking reservations means more time for staff to focus on other priorities.


Transactional and contact data of guests is automatically synced with your TEI CRM database.


Easily market your restaurant with direct links to the booking engine.

Never Overbook

Times are only available based on capacity, once tables are taken the inventory automatically adjusts.

E-Mail Alerts

Receive email alerts when an online reservation is made.