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Multi-course operators thrive on growing their footprint with new clubs in their portfolio – it indicates the success of the overall business strategy. However, a growing business encounters a number of difficult challenges - a good problem to have, but only if you recognize and work to mitigate the impact. Strategic operators implement a flexible multi-course management software solution for use at all current and future locations. They implement a flexible solution because as they take on management duties at new locations, the likelihood of encountering new disparate software is high. With a flexible system, multi-course operators can rest-assured that the solution can be dynamically adjusted to fit the unique needs of each new club and therefore maintain all business processes within a single powerful system.



The TEI Command Center is an integrated solution that connects departments and centralizes processes and data across all locations. TEI’s centralized solution provides site-specific and aggregated data, allowing for comparative reporting to motivate teams and design intelligent business strategies.


TEI’s return on investment (ROI) is most noticeable for multi-course operators. It’s not just a matter of economies of scale, TEI also provides: unmatched revenue management tools, time efficiencies through automation and self-service, and cash rebates based on performance through TEI payment solutions.


Business intelligence is only useful if you can turn that data into a profitable business strategy. Multi-course operators require software solutions that not only provide accurate information in real-time, but actually provide the tools necessary to turn that intelligence into successful cross-site sales & marketing programs.

Total e Integrated’s Multi-Course Management Software

Club Accounting Software

TEI’s seamless integration to Microsoft’s Dynamics GP accounting offers multi-course operators the most robust accounting tools on the market. With its highly customizable solution and countless add-on functionality, chances are you can complete all your financial requirements seamlessly.

Credit & Debit Payment Processing

TEI’s subsidiary, TEI Payment Solutions, can provide multi-course operators with instant and significant savings over existing merchant processors in addition to the unmatched value of having a single provider for business management and end-to-end EMV certified payment processing.

Database Marketing

An integral aspect of any multi-course management software is its ability to communicate with each club’s customer base easily, thankfully TEI has a built-in database marketing tool capable of sending campaigns to segments of your customers with ease.


As you acquire clubs, you may encounter one with a strong event or banquet component. TEI can help through its complete event management software solution that handles everything from generating the banquet event order to receiving payment.

Food & Beverage

If your clubs have restaurant facilities, you’ll want a solution capable of operating a food & beverage business at each location seamlessly. TEI’s integrated suite includes a powerful restaurant management software solution perfect for multisite food & beverage operators.


Manage members of each location from a central multi-course hub. TEI’s solution was built from the ground up with a focus on customers – as a result, TEI provides the most complete member management toolset in the industry.

Online Reservation System

The integrated TEI suite provides a multitude of booking possibilities including golf, tennis, dining, events and more. A uniquely branded booking engine will be created for each of your locations yet funnel the data into your organization’s single database.


TEI’s retail software handles everything from the point of sale to the backend inventory management. Plus, because it’s a seamlessly integrated solution, TEI allows you to track all retail sales (and any associated customer rewards and discounts) back to each specific customer.

Tee Sheet

The back-bone of any golf business, TEI’s tee sheet is versatile yet powerful capable of managing complete control over each golf department across all locations. Multi-course operators love TEI’s multi-course tee sheet view and yield management capabilities.

Key Benefits of Our Multi-Course Management Software

Providing BEST-IN-SUITE multi-course management software for various business functions.

Improving CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with self-service tools and automation.

Monitoring and GROWING REVENUES by encouraging sales and tracking costs.

Ensuring consistent SERVICE QUALITY is maintained throughout each property.

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