Homeowners Association Management Software is a necessity for any community that requires an integrated system to manage membership, accounting, activities and more. If your organization serves a large group of varied membership types, along with corresponding privileges, discounts, events and services for each classification, it can be a challenge to manage these relationships. Having an integrated homeowners association management software solution can alleviate the challenges of tracking various services for both the organization and individual members.



As your association grows its amenities and services, you must take on additional duties which require new software solutions. Keeping your business processes streamlined requires a best-in-suite solution capable of managing your needs as your offerings grow.


Business intelligence is only useful if you can turn that data into a profitable strategy. Homeowner associations require solutions that not only provide accurate information, but actually provide the tools necessary to turn that intelligence into successful marketing and sales programs.


One of the most common challenges faced by today’s homeowner associations is the collection of HOA dues. Homeowner associations require the latest payment technology, such as: online statement payments, online account renewals, eCheck, and more - to streamline the collection process.

Benefits of Total e Integrated’s Homeowners Association Management Software

Integrate More Lines of Business

Improved Member Experience

Reduced Number of Software Providers

Increased Revenue Stream Possibilities

Our Homeowners Association Management Software


TEI’s seamless integration to Microsoft’s Dynamics GP accounting offers associations the most robust accounting offerings on the market. With its highly customizable solution and countless add-on functionality, chances are you can complete all your financial requirements seamlessly.

Credit & Debit Payment Processing

TEI’s subsidiary, TEI Payment Solutions, can provide associations with instant and significant savings over existing merchant processors in addition to the unmatched value of having a single provider for business management and end-to-end EMV certified payment processing.

Database Marketing

An integral part of any association is the ability to communicate with your members easily, thankfully TEI has a built-in database marketing tool capable of sending campaigns to segments of your membership with ease.

Event Management

A core task of running an association is organizing meet-ups and events with the membership base. TEI offers a complete event management software solution that handles everything from generating the banquet event order to receiving payment.

Food & Beverage

If your association has restaurant facilities, you’ll want a solution capable of running your food & beverage business. TEI’s integrated suite includes a powerful restaurant management software solution perfect for an association’s food & beverage business.


It goes without saying that the core of any association is its membership, fortunately the heart of TEI’s solution is its membership software. With TEI your membership database is accessible within all of TEI’s integrated solutions offering an unmatched member experience.

Member Portal

Socialization is key to the success of any association, why not provide a central space for your members to socialize, stay updated with news & announcements, and book amenities with TEI’s robust member portal.

Online Reservation System

The integrated TEI suite provides a multitude of booking possibilities including golf, tennis, dining, events and more.

Property Management

If you run a homeowners association, TEI’s property management software (PMS software) is the perfect solution, allowing you to manage members and properties within the same database.


With TEI’s retail software, you can easily track retail spend back to each member along with any associated discounts and special offers each classification may have. Furthermore, TEI’s loyalty program software allows you to track loyalty points and virtual cash back to each member based on retail spend.

Tee Sheet

Does your homeowners association have a golf course on-site, with TEI’s tee sheet you can manage your golf operations within the same system as your membership.


TEI builds responsive websites that will astound your existing association membership and help increase inbound membership inquiries through digital marketing optimization.

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