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Core Retail Management System Features

Inventory Categorization

Sort all retail inventory into the categories, sub-categories and general ledger accounts you desire with our integrated inventory management software.

Barcode Scanning

Total e Integrated's retail management system is barcode reader enabled and includes barcode tag printing functionality if you prefer to not utilize the manufacturer barcode.

Purchasing & Receiving

Total e Integrated's inventory management software streamlines the control of stock levels, physical inventory counts, purchasing new stock, and inventory adjustments.


Assign discounts by dollar or percentage off at the item, category, sub-category and customer type level - discounts will automatically appear within the retail POS.

E-Mail Receipts

Save on paper and automatically send email receipts to customers after transactions at the retail point of sale.

Retail Point of Sale

Implement a retail POS solution your staff will love, quickly process transactions, automatically adjust stock, issue and redeem gift cards and much more.

Partner Story

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Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop

Additional Features To Power Your Retail Management System

Multiple Inventory Sites

Multi-Inventory Sites

Have multiple inventory sites and need an integrated solution? No problem, TEI's retail management system allows you to manage numerous inventories with either unique or matching categories and general ledger accounts.

Centralized Inventory

Centralized Inventory

Need a seamless experience for multiple inventory locations? TEI's centralized inventory sends all stock inquiries to a single hub for stock level check or creation of a purchase order based on item availability.

Magstripe Scanning

Magstripe Scanning

With integrated magstripe scanning, the TEI retail POS is ready to handle gift, membership and loyalty card programs efficiently.

Price Packages

Price Packages

Raise your average value per sale with TEI's price packages that integrate with the entire TEI solution.

Sell pre-paid multi-packs

Pre-Paid Program

Effortlessly manage the sale of multi-pack passes for amenities and deduct from the remaining passes automatically following each use of a pass within the retail POS.

Loyalty Program Software

Loyalty Program Software

Automate the accrual of points based on dollar amount spent throughout your entire operation. Take your loyalty program even further by rewarding more points as they spend more with you - automatically.

Credit Book Capabilities

Credit Book (Cash EQs)

Smoothly maintain a gift voucher or credit program with cash equivalents - the assignment of cash value digitally to a customer's account for use on designated items in your system.

Special Order Software

Special Orders

Automate the process of ordering custom inventory. TEI’s special orders add-on ensures that bespoke orders are inventoried correctly reducing the potential for user error from the moment of order to when it's in your customer’s hands.

Open to Buy Software


Open-to-Buy tracks total spend, budget and demand to help any operator maximize profits while staying within the overall financial plan.

Book multiple rounds of golf in a single online reservation

Tablet POS

Make your retail point of sale mobile providing remarkable sales potential from anywhere.


Key Benefits

  • The most powerful and robust inventory management tools within an all-in-one recreation, hospitality and community management solution.
  • Built-in customer and member management tools streamlines the process of managing perks such as loyalty point accumulation, member-only amenity access, discounts, credit book and much more.
  • Integrated debit and credit card processing gateways allows you to offer customers PCI compliant and EMV enabled transactions.
  • Sell more with our integrated eCommerce solution which automatically updates retail inventory levels based on online sales.
  • Intuitive touch-screen and integrated barcode and magstripe scanning makes selling items a breeze.

Seamless Integration With The Total e Integrated Suite



Sales data from our retail software is automatically sent to Dynamics GP Accounting after end-of-day.

Business Intelligence

Review your retail data in the format your prefer - review pdf, csv, olap cube and dashboard reports.

CRM & Marketing

Use customer transaction history within TEI's CRM for incredible database marketing potential.   


Quickly and easily check-in guests arriving for tournaments, shows and other events on the retail pos.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage and Retail Software share the same database for unmatched marketing potential.


Convert your retail system into a lodging point of sale with guest management, folios, rentals and much more.


Access your membership roster in your retail system for transaction tracking and dues payments.

Payment Processing

Integrated credit and debit card processing allows sales data from your Total e Integrated retail point of sale to automatically flow back to your payment processor.


Access your residents within the retail system for transaction tracking and dues payments.


Using TEI’s eCommerce recommendation tool, you can showcase inventory you’d like to upsell throughout your booking portals.

Tee Sheet

TEI's club management software directly integrates your tee sheet with the retail pos system for a seamless retail experience.

Web Solutions

Allow customers to purchase retail items online through the integrated eCommerce solution.