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Core Database Marketing Software Features

User Activities

Never drop-the-ball with customer outreach, built-in user activity tracking ensures that every staff member understands their responsibilities and to-dos for managing prospects.

E-Mail Campaigns

Send great looking HTML e-mails directly from TEI to a segmented database that will convert previous visitors into repeat customers.


Easily send surveys to contacts from TEI to truly understand what your customers want and gauge the quality of the experience you offer.

Contact Filters

All contacts filter into a single marketing database, making customer segmentation and targeted marketing a breeze.

Credit Book (Cash EQs)

Streamline the distribution of vouchers, gift certificates and credits by assigning them electronically to the customer account for use on only the products you allow.

User-Defined Fields

Track an unlimited number of custom-defined fields at the customer level for additional reporting and filtering.

Successful Partners

Morton Golf LLC has been involved in golf and retail operations since 1958. Today, their portfolio includes 90 holes, 4 locations, and the highest volume and most profitable on-course golf shop in America. Understanding their customers' buying habits was of high importance to Morton Golf as they began looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. The Total e Integrated solution was the only platform that had the ability to track all of Morton's customer data, regardless of origin, and have it all stored in one central integrated solution database.

Morton Golf LLC

Additional Features To Extend Your Database Marketing Software Capabilities

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp Integration

If you prefer the powerful and easy-to-use design tools offered by third-party marketing platforms, we offer a database integration with MailChimp.

NACHA Auto Payments

Auto Payments

Allow contacts to setup NACHA payments for future purchases and reservations at your facility. Securely store the information via payment gateway to meet all PCI compliance requirements.


Key Benefits

  • Boost your sales potential and encourage repeat customers with TEI's integrated database marketing software tools.
  • Impress customers with your attention to detail and customer service through built-in surveys and user preferences tracking.
  • Our single database design offers unprecedented segmentation possibilities based on transaction history, preferences, personal information and much more.
  • Marketing and sales staff will love how easy it is to build highly targeted campaigns to a specific group of customers.

Seamless Integration With The Total e Integrated Suite


Business Intelligence

Review your CRM data in the format your prefer - review pdf, csv, olap cube and dashboard reports.


Filter your database by specific event booking, attendees, type of event, number of guests, and more.

Food & Beverage

Segment campaigns based on menu items purchased, time passed since previous meal, and more.


Segment your next campaign by reservation date, room type, reservation type, and more.


Target your campaign to specific member types, existing or expired members, and more.


Send marketing campaigns to your resident database with ease.


Contact data from your booking engines automatically sync to your CRM Database for future marketing initiatives.


Segment campaigns based on specific retail transaction information such as type of item, brand preferences, and much more.

Tee Sheet

Use golf reservation transaction data to build highly segmented campaigns to fill up your tee sheet.