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Merchant Payment Services

Debit and credit card processing is the core of today’s business. At Total e Integrated, we make it easy for small and enterprise level businesses to accept credit & debit card payments. By offering multiple payment solutions, TEI offers unsurpassed flexibility in the industry.

01- Authorize

The processor confirms that the card number is valid and has sufficient available credit balance. If approved an authorization number is generated.

02- Settle

The transaction's authorization number is sent to the processor for approval and clearing through interchange.

03- Deposit

At this point, your processor deposits the processed funds into your account. The entire process complies with PCI compliance requirements and is EMV certified.

Payment Partners

ETS Corporation

ETS Corporation


ETS is a recognized leader in the merchant processing field, supporting merchants across North America and Europe. ETS develops state of the art, PCI compliant products utilizing the latest technologies to service and provide all merchants with comprehensive processing solutions.

TEI Payment Solutions

TEI Payment Solutions


Total e Integrated’s subsidiary, TEI Payment Solutions, is driven to provide instant and significant savings over existing merchant processors along with the unmatched value of having a single end-to-end EMV certified processing partner. TEI Payment Solutions allows you to reduce your payment processing costs while continuing to receive improved audit controls, security and overall efficiency for your business.

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