The Power of Prepaid Tee Times
Rati Agrawal
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The Power of Prepaid Tee Times

The golf industry has seen a dramatic change in the last 24 months, with the COVID pandemic creating rapid shifts in the demand for rounds of golf and the adoption of technology as a point of leverage in golf operations execution.  At Total e Integrated, we’ve been working and testing behind the scenes and coming up with easy to implement tools and workflows that deliver impressive business results, all while enhancing the customer experience.

PrePaid Tee Times


We launched prepaid tee time capabilities a few years ago in an effort to create choice for our clients and their customers.  At the time, we believed many operators wanted the option to provide a small discount to a customer looking to save a bit of money and willing to prepay for the rounds of golf in exchange.

While that functionality is still available, and used by a few of our clients, we have a growing number of clients that are requiring prepayment for some, or all of their tee time reservations.  

All Reservations Prepaid

For the clients that have adopted prepaid rounds as a booking requirement, they have literally eliminated no-shows.  These clients have required that reservations included cart fee, and made cart fee optional.  In both cases revenues for green fees and cart fees have increased dramatically.  Clients that require cart fees in their online reservation inventory typically see a 10%-15% increase in cart fee revenue annually, just from employing this small little change in strategy.

Prepaid Reservations in Designated Time Zones

We also have clients that have looked to eliminate no-shows in their periods of highest demand.  For one of our clients, that was Saturday and Sunday mornings between 7am and 11am.  This client required prepayment for all reservations, only in that Saturday and Sunday time zone.  The results were impressive, as they not only eliminated no-shows, but they also increased green fee and cart fee revenue by over 15% when compared to 2020, which was also a very busy year for golf.

Want to use the Prepaid Toolkit?

As a current client of Total e Integrated, we would be happy to help you get started with prepaid tee times.  We can make sure you’re on the latest versions of software and collaborate on the right strategy for your property…all at no cost to you! 


Want to know how our tools can help you grow your golf club? Send us an email today. 

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