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One of the greatest challenges for multi-site operators and management companies is maintaining an efficient yet uniform experience across all facilities. The difficulty isn’t simply a matter of geographical distance between sites but also the result of the varying cultures, team members and services at each location. As a result, it is of paramount importance that multi-site operators have a solution capable of integrating multiple locations within a single system. The ideal solution would decentralize business processes so that each location can operate efficiently while maintaining complete visibility to ensure a uniform experience is being offered - this ought to be the priority of any multi-site organization.

Total e Integrated's Solution for Multi-Site Operators

While Total e Integrated is a powerful solution for single-site operators, its true capabilities are most apparent for multi-site operators. Just like the name says, TEI can seamlessly connect business processes at multiple locations into a single “totally integrated” solution. In fact, Total e Integrated was originally designed as an ERP software solution – allowing organizations to use a variety of integrated applications to manage the day-to-day while automating management operations such as human resources and accounting in the back office. So, how exactly does TEI help multi-site operators?

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TEI allows the parent organization (or “HQ”) to centrally manage the business processes of each individual site at any time, including – pricing strategies, CRM, reservations, purchasing, accounting, and more.


If you prefer a more hands-off approach to management of each site, TEI allows each individual location to maintain pricing strategies, CRM, reservations, and more – while still offering complete visibility of the day-to-day for the HQ.


TEI offers site-specific and aggregate reporting allowing you to compile data from each of your locations into a single comparative report which stacks sites against each other. Comparative reporting can truly motivate teams to perform.


Create internal communications which display single-site statistics such as business performance, data capture percentages, upselling success, revenue growth and more, quickly and easily.


Utilizing a single database of segmented contacts for all of your locations, TEI’s Command Center solution simplifies the mailing of external marketing communications for the entire organization.


Design programs which can be applied throughout the entire organization, such as membership affiliations, player cards, loyalty, discounts and much more.


Build a unified software configuration which pushes a consistent data setup across all sites, ideal for the coordinated management of inventory classifications, master records, contact records and much more.