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Core ERP Business Intelligence Features

Generate Crystal Reports

Generate business intelligence reports directly within your TEI software with our built-in SAP Crystal Reports.

Standard Reports

TEI provides many standard system reports for each integrated module within the platform.

Custom Report Generator

Customize any report with additional data in the TEI database using our built-in custom report designer tools.

Export to CSV or PDF

Easily export any report to CSV for further analysis within Microsoft Excel, or PDF for a non-editable version of the report.


Additional Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools

Auto Generated Reports

Auto Generated Reports

Configure any report within TEI to automatically generate at a specific time and send to those designated to receive it.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Need a new report but don't have SQL report writing experience? No problem, TEI's professional team builds customer-specific custom reports as requested.


OLAP Cubes

OLAP Cubes

OLAP Cubes go a step beyond typical two-dimensional spreadsheet based reports, which is time-intensive to drill-down further into data. OLAP Cubes are three-dimensional, meaning you can instantly change a report showing profits by month to profits by week or day by simply adding a new date range.



Dashboards is a data visualization tool that make it easier to locate patterns and trends that might be missed in standard numerical data. Key Performance Indicators are now depicted within a visual context, helping staff effectively see the connection between their actions and business performance.


Key Benefits

  • ERP Business Intelligence offers unmatched data analytics on your entire operations.
  • Automate information distribution to your team members.
  • Provide numerical (standard) and graphical (dashboards) based reporting.

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