5 Simple Steps to Better Facebook Management
Rati Agrawal
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5 Simple Steps to Better Facebook Management

It wasn’t that long ago that just having a Facebook page and posting every few months was enough to create some engagement and allow operators to feel like they had a presence on social media.  However, today, the opportunities for using social media (particularly Facebook) are so strong that you have to try to optimize your page and turn your views and likes into clicks and conversions. 
Here are few easy ways to get your Facebook page giving you great results and creating new opportunities for new member acquisition. 

Page Information

Your Facebook page needs to be full of accurate information.  Often we find the details on Facebook are outdated, staff members have changed and new members are on your team, hours of operation are incorrect, etc.  Doing an audit of your Facebook page information is a great first step to making sure you are optimizing the opportunities to convert Facebook engagement into opportunity.


Engage with Your Audiences

The moment your audiences leave a comment, a like or even send you a message, make sure you reply to it immediately. Facebook shows how often you reply to the messages sent to the consumers, and depending on how quickly you reply, people will be inclined to send you a message. Going live on your page is another way to create a connect between the consumer and the Club. Go live and inform the consumers of the new events or incentives coming their way soon, a golf instructor can go live and teach swing techniques, and your Chef or Bartender could go live and show how a featured menu item or cocktail is constructed.


New HashTag Rules

There are so many things about your post which you have to keep in mind so that it has the maximum reach.  Recently, the standard guidelines for hashtag placement has changed on different social media (IG vs Facebook)   In Facebook it is advised to use the trending hashtags relevant to your post. Don’t overuse the hash tags and make sure to use only 4-5 on a Facebook post. Facebook favors morning timings, anything before 11 and after 4 pm works. Tag the appropriate pages or places when adding the post for maximum visibility. Use content which builds trust with the consumers like team photos, collages of the beautiful sunset over the golf course, etc.   Announcing promotions or new member incentives is fine as long as it is new information and not the 20th reposting of a new member discount that has been running for 90 days.


Facebook Insights

Facebook insights tell you which post is doing the best and which post reached the maximum number of people and how many people engaged with it in the form of likes, comments and sharing. Tracking those insights is very important. Reviewing the Facebook activity that is yielding the highest engagement helps you and your team continue to create content which resonates with what people want to receive. Better yet, there are free apps in the market which tell you the insights of your competitors Facebook posts as well. Get those insights and create posts accordingly. 


Do YOU know Reels?

Facebook recently introduced Facebook Reels, a video format designed to compete with the surging TikTok.  Instagram, of course, has a billion active users of its own, but many Facebook users are not users of Instagram, or TikTok.  In effort to expand the Instagram Reels platform Facebook has placed these Reels in a highlighted position the top of the Facebook app, which is used by nearly 3 billion people a month.  You can imagine the combined power and viewership of videos reaching the audiences of both Instagram and Facebook, an audience you cannot ignore if you hope to reach prospective members and customers.  The Reels algorithm will continue to evolve as it seeks to improve engagement and usage.  Now is a great time to start using this tool, as early adopters will see big returns on this investment.   Start simply by creating video content for your page and add them in the form of small video Reels on Facebook. They don’t have to be exhaustive, just simple videos of the sun setting over the horizon, someone celebrating their hole in one at the bar, kids practicing their golf swing, different food items served, table settings etc. 


A full outline of how to use Reels can be found here: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/08/introducing-instagram-reels/

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