Announcing Total e Integrated’s Online Account Renewal Solution
Ian Robinson

Announcing Total e Integrated’s Online Account Renewal Solution

Total e Integrated’s eCommerce Plus solution, an industry leading service offering for the club, resort and community industries. ECommerce Plus takes your privilege-based sales to the 21st century, by allowing you to sell memberships, passes and registrations online and automating the back-office club systems adjustments for you.


Why is Automation Important to Customers?

Clubs are often reluctant to introduce self-service solutions to their membership, believing customers actually prefer “white glove” one-on-one service. However, studies have shown that customers prefer self-service style solutions; it offers efficient and convenient service and transparency for the customer. In fact, one of the most important determinants of customer service satisfaction noted is speed of service. Offering self-service is arguably the best long-term solution to the expectation of speedy service as it offers a 24/7 means of managing their account. Furthermore, 67% of respondents in a Nuance Enterprise study stated they preferred self-service over speaking to a company representative.


How Can Automation Help Your Business?

In addition to the customer satisfaction benefits, automation can actually help your revenues as well. A self-service option for renewals can help in a number of ways…

  1. Reduced work-load for customer service team – which can reduce staffing and employment requirements.
  2. Increased average spend – in a 2004 experiment, McDonald’s found  that customer’s using self-service kiosks would spend about 30% more on average.
  3. Loyalty – studies have shown that customers who pay online show more loyalty and become more receptive to offers.



The benefits of eCommerce Plus are vast, if you’d like to learn more about the solution or our other integrated club management software modules – please connect with us at . But don’t just take our word for it, checkout out our Hot Springs Village case study on our eCommerce Plus solution here.


Download our Hot Springs Village eCommerce Plus Solution Snapshot


About Total e Integrated

Total e Integrated is a leading provider of end-to-end business management solutions for recreation, retail, hospitality and community organizations. For over 20 years Total e Integrated has helped multi-faceted organizations to integrate departments, automate marketing, streamline operations and boost revenues with our innovative solutions and expert consulting services team.



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