5 Tips for Pro Shop Revenue Growth in 2022
Rati Agrawal
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5 Tips for Pro Shop Revenue Growth in 2022

See your revenue triple

In my experience, golf operators can find themselves bound by the rich history and tradition in the game of golf.  The industry is very fraternal, with the PGA of America acting as the “connective tissue” of the industry, and golf operators too often look within the industry for ideas and trends that can inspire innovation and change.  At Total e Integrated, we are constantly looking outside the industry to identify the trends that are changing the way retailers engage their customers, or adapting to the behavioral changes brought upon by the recent pandemic. 

Power of Personalization

Have you ever googled Valentine’s Day flowers only to be immediately greeted by an onslaught of web page ads and social media ads for flowers in every channel?  Outside of the golf industry, smart and sophisticated retailers are customizing messages to existing and potential customers based on what they know they have bought and the brands they buy that have earned their loyalty.  In fact, according to Digital Commerce 360, 70% of the top 100 retailers leverage this specific strategy as a core part of their retail growth strategy.  Every golf operator with a pro shop reading this has a technology partner and point of sale.  Creating offers based on your customer’s prior buying behavior is the smartest way to deliver timely and relevant messages that inspire action.  For example, during your next demo day for Titleist Demo Day, rather than blasting an invitation to your entire database, send a private and more customized invitation to those members and customers that have specifically purchased Titleist equipment in the last 24 months.  The recipients of these invitations are far more likely to take action and feel like they are receiving a personally curated experience.

The Top 20% Focus

You’ve heard the 80/20 rule before, and while it might not be exact, it is true that a large part of your retail revenue is coming from the top 20% of your customer base in terms of annual retail spend.  Have you identified this group?  Do you know what they have in common?  Do you message them separately with different offers?    As golf operators, we have been taught to grow the game, and grow our membership and customer base in terms of total number of golfers/members/customers.  However, a key consideration is retaining the members you have that are delivering you higher than customer lifetime value (CLV).  The loss of a member with high CLV is far more difficult to replace, and as a result, specific strategies should be employed to ensure you retain as many of these members as possible.  How do top retailers do this?  With CLV oriented promotions designed to increase the average order value (AOV) of this customer segment.  For example, you might know that your average retail order is $85 and you could design a promotion where your high CLV clients receive a free promotional item for retail purchases over $120.  A “spend $120 and get a free sleeve of Pro V1 balls” is a great way to add an incentive to spend a little bit more than average and deliver a personal experience that rewards your best customers.  This strategy is also a great way to avoid discounting as a means to trigger retail sales in your golf shop.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

As recently as the 2021 holiday season, more than 1 in 5 shoppers used a BNPL service for holiday 2021 shopping, according to an eMarketer estimate.  Fast forward to today, and you can’t turn on the television or browse social media without someone proclaiming that we are nearing the beginning of a national recession.  If tougher economic times are on the horizon, one thing we know is that golfers will not play LESS golf, they will simply play LESS EXPENSIVE golf.  During our last recession, retail sales were hit extremely hard, with spending habits radically reduced.  Depending upon where your property lies on the value curve, a “Buy Now Pay Later” can be just what you need to allow your members and customers to continue to purchase the latest and greatest golf technology and ease the pain by allowing them to pay over time.  If history is any guide, it’s better to be ahead of this curve than be chasing sales after a couple consecutive quarters of negative retail sales.   Contact your technology partner and have them configure a simple automated payment program that is integrated into your point of sale, automating and streamlining the payment process for these BNPL members.

Maximize your Holidays

Far too many of us focus on making our worst revenue days better than maximizing our revenue on our best days.  For example, did you do anything special for Father’s Day to really maximize your retail revenue that day?  Did you have a special upgrade for Father’s Day in the golf shop that you offered every member or customer that joined you that day?  Did you make the atmosphere feel different on Father’s Day with music playing, food and beverage specials, draft beer or cocktail upgrades, or fire up an outdoor barbecue?  One of the easiest holiday revenue ideas to execute is creating a package of 2-3 items from the golf shop, valued at just under $100, and putting that package together in an easy to grab package, located close to the golf shop counter.  Spending a little time on your best days to make them 10% better is a strategy that pays off all year long.

Returns as a Growth Strategy

According to Shopify Plus, 20%-30% of products ordered online are returned, compared to only 9% of in-store purchases.  What smart retailers are realizing is that they can leverage an aggressive return policy to eliminate the price haggling comparison to online retailers.  Generous return policies, transparent and communicated to members and customer actually GROW sales and reduce returns when compared to shorter return windows.  Creating a transparent and risk-free shopping experience with 3 month return windows and free return policies result in less purchase anxiety and easier sales conversions.  Furthermore, longer return windows actually reduce total returns according to Retail Dive.  Need an idea to kick-start your return growth strategy awareness campaign?  Send your membership an offer to allow them to return something they purchased elsewhere directly to you for a discount.  Take back a set of clubs for a 20% discount on a new set of clubs, individually fitted to their swing, and then put that returned set directly into your rental inventory. 

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