Black Friday 2021: Last Minute Marketing Tips
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Black Friday 2021: Last Minute Marketing Tips

Tips to make the most of your Black Friday sale

The 2021 holiday season is fast approaching and Black Friday is the first and best opportunity for your members to get gifts for the entire family and save a little money. Shoppers will be ready to review their emails and social media channels looking to get the best deals for their friends, family and even themselves. But how do you make sure that they choose YOU instead of your competitors? What can you do to stand apart from the other golf courses and clubs? To help, we have created promotional ideas which can be utilized to gain awareness about your offerings.

Sneak Peek

Start spreading the word about the amazing sales which are going live on Black Friday. Start dropping hints on social media, email marketing, flyers, text message and any other form of communication with the customers about the discounts on your online pro shop, tee times, or memberships. Creating curiosity is an excellent way to get engagement and interest from members that result in sales on Black Friday.

Customer Loyalty Offers

Do you have a retention plan to gain more sales from members and customers who have already purchased from you in the past 12 months? How will you give them specific offers that are relevant and interesting to them based on their buying history?  Sending them information about products and brands that they have already purchased is a great method for ensuring your messages are relevant to the recipient. Segment your database into smaller buying groups based on purchase history to increase open rates and conversions. For example, if you’re looking to sell through your existing FootJoy shoe inventory, segmenting your database into a smaller list of customers that have purchased FootJoy shoes in 2019 or 2020 is a great way to know that the list is comprised of people who are FootJoy buyers and likely to be in need of a replacement pair of shoes.

Social Media Winnings

This is a great time to launch contests and giveaways as well. Along with that, declare that anyone who follows your account, shares your posts on their timeline or even on their story, gets an additional discount. Do an hourly story giveaway or even coupon code announcement. People will be excited to gather this type of social media value and engaged to get those discount codes.  This simple strategy can increase both your following and the engagement rate will increase as well.

Keep It Mysterious

Mystery is the key for marketing and if you can get rid of stuff which you no longer need to carry in the pro shop, then it can really be a win/win for both the member and the club . Mystery boxes are really popular, often with monthly subscriptions and deliveries of interesting items, so why not get creative and utilize the same strategy. Create mystery boxes with bundles of different products and sell them during Black Friday. When people see a mystery box for only $50 with goods worth $100 and more, they would love to explore this option.

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