Hot Springs Village Implements Community Management Software

Hot Springs Village Implements Community Management Software

For many years, Hot Springs Village managed their operations through two separate and outdated community management software systems that had reached their capacity. The team started to notice in the late 2000’s that many processes within the community management software had become manual; completing a simple task, such as assisting a resident with a balance inquiry, may have required assistance from up to four separate staff members. The significance of operating and maintaining a community with 8 golf courses, 13 tennis courts, 2 marinas, and much more, required a new integrated community management solution.

From managing their tee sheets and recreational activities to overseeing more than 35,000 residents, every department needed to be connected. Hot Springs Village completed a global search and review of community management software providers, but could only find one that provided a single, integrated platform to run their entire operation. “The competition seemed to do just one thing great, whether it be accounting or point of sale, but only Total e Integrated impressed the team for being a full suite,” said Lesley Nalley, Chief Financial Officer at Hot Springs Village.

“The Total e Integrated solution is one of a kind in the market. We have the ability to help large and small communities centralize operations and data collection. Our solution’s power is most evident when you look at what we can do with large communities like Hot Springs Village. Our solution has helped Hot Springs Village streamline the way they operate across the entire organization,” says Mike Flannagan, President of Total e Integrated. According to Lesley Nalley, “We have seen a shift in how our staff work. You could say we have shifted from a reactive company culture to a proactive one. Rather than just performing typical transactional activities, the staff think further about what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it.”

Deploying a community management software system requires a strong, multi-phased, implementation. With more than 200 unique system users, each with a varied skillset, the roll-out needed to be comprehensive. Total e Integrated and Hot Springs Village worked hand-in-hand every step of the way throughout the launch of each module. Lesley Nalley says, “The Total e Integrated team has been fantastic to work with. With so many challenges, just verbalizing our needs was difficult. The Total e Integrated team’s ability to provide solutions to our problems that go beyond what we originally requested has been phenomenal.”

About Hot Springs Village:

Hot Springs Village is one of the top retirement and recreation communities in the United States. Having been recognized as one of the top three “retirement hot spots” in the country by Realty Trac, and as a “Top 100 Master-Planned Community” by Where to Retire magazine, Hot Springs Village prides itself on being a community unlike any other.

About Total e Integrated:

Total e Integrated is a leading provider of end-to-end business management solutions for recreation, retail, hospitality and community organizations. For over 15 years Total e Integrated has helped organizations to integrate departments, automate marketing, streamline operations and boost revenues with our innovative solutions and expert consulting services team.


For more information please contact:

Total e Integrated, Inc.

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