How to Get Female Golfers to Your Golf Course
Rati Agrawal
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How to Get Female Golfers to Your Golf Course

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For the last decade, Golf Clubs have felt the need to secure more golfers, revenues and book more and more rounds in an effort to grow, or even maintain, their businesses. One of the interesting developments over the last 24 months as golf has enjoyed its resurgence as a safe and socially distant sport is the large influx of new female golfers.  In America alone there are more 5 million women aged between 18 and 70 who have played a round of golf in the past year. In fact, the number of male golfers is decreasing as compared to the female ones. The golf clubs need to take it as a sign and promote activities for women to get them to the golf course. Here is how.

Female Instructors

Women want to learn the sport and what better way than to have a dedicated times and instructors for them. They can come and learn Golf, play a round or two and become dedicated members. Having female instructors helps your cause because women feel safe with them. Women need help with other women to gain confidence to play with men. Hosting group clinics that allow women to attend with friends and family is a great way to help them improve their skills and get more comfortable in the game.  Hiring more female Golf professionals can also definitely help increase the number of women attending your club.

Merchandise options

I can’t tell you the number of golf shops I walk into where ladies merchandise is an afterthought, or worse, non-existent.  Imagine walking into a pro shop and finding last year’s styles and colors to choose from, often already picked over and stagnant.  Having options for apparel, gloves and even equipment is a treat every woman golfer wants. Different color options to styles along with a variety of sizes for the plus size women show an amazing inclusivity.

Social Media

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help you invite women. Take a feather from LGPA Women’s Network cap. It started a new social media campaign with the hashtag #InviteHer. It was a way of encouraging male and female players to invite women to the game. NGF’s (National Golf Foundation) recent study found that 29% of women who don’t golf are interested in the game. Just invite the women you know to play the game and they just might become a golfer for life. Try campaigns similar to #inviteher locally and invite women to play a round or two at your golf course. 

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