How to Get Millennials to Play at Your Golf Course
Rati Agrawal
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How to Get Millennials to Play at Your Golf Course

You need to know these secrets.

One of the after effects of Covid 19 has been the influx of millennials to Golf Courses. They have taken to the sport and love spending time playing Golf. According to Linchpinseo, 2021, 14 million millennials played golf last year in the USA alone. The numbers are staggering, proving the fact that more and more millennials are interested in playing the game and are embracing it. A third of all the on-course golfers are millennials right now. The younger population’s interest in the game is making all the club owners take a step back and rethink their marketing strategies. Their target demographic is changing and so are other lines of business, including food and beverage options on the menu. 

The numbers suggest that this is going to grow and millennials will represent a significant percentage of golf club customers, be it on-course or off-course. To cater to their needs and different lifestyle choices, the club owners will have to work towards creating a diverse strategy. Here are ways to attract more millennial golfers and make sure they stay. 

Go Mobile

There is no segment of your customer base that embraces mobile commerce more than the millennial golfer.  Every single one of your millennial golfers has a smart phone in their pocket during their visit. Your game plan should begin with a “mobile first” mindset, making sure your announcements, incentives, programs and activity offers display attractively and properly on a mobile device.  Obviously, mobile tee time reservations are a must, but other services should become an additional priority.  Dining reservations, retail stores and merchandise, gift cards, memberships, tennis and pickleball reservations, even access control where your millennial members can gain entry into the fitness center with their phone are ways to keep and retain these golfers.

Embrace Social Media

According to Hootsuite, by 2021, Instagram reached 1 billion users in 2020 and 57% of those were millennials. Does your club have an Instagram or Twitter account? If you’re only using Facebook as a method of social interaction, you’re missing the opportunity to reach this demographic of members.  Millennials attach themselves to the clubs which align with their values and goals. If your posts and tweets tell them a story they love, they will not hesitate to sign up. Adding ‘Instagram story- worthy’ destinations in your golf club will just be an additional way to attract them over. 

Career Alignment

Millennials are on a career path where they know that networking is very important. They know they can meet the correct people, mentors, and potential investors on the golf course. A backswing and a financial backer, the golf club is a place where they can get it all.  So, organizing and advertising different networking events, virtual or in-person are a really great way to get the millennials to the club. Opening the networking events or even the golf course to them under the “member for a day” program is another way to show them what they are missing. 

Reinvent your F&B

What will take your club dining experience to the “next level” for the millennial member? Having craft beer (seriously, they love them) and also food-themes nights is a way to go. Millennials like to try new things and even travel whenever they get the chance. Having a middle eastern themed Kabab night or even an Indian curry night will give you more millennials than you can count. Be it flambé desserts or even deconstructed food items, these tricks are sure to get you a mention on Instagram and attract the younger crowds. Sandwiches and steaks can always be there on the menu for the more traditional club members.

Health is Wealth

It was Mark Twain who described golf as a good walk spoiled. However, there is no denying that walking a round of golf is a fantastic option for emphasizing personal wellness. Millennials are very focused on wellness For Millennials, wellness is a daily, active pursuit. They’re exercising more, eating smarter and smoking less than previous generations. They’re using apps to track training data, and online information to find the healthiest foods. Emphasizing your club’s wellness and fitness offerings is a great way to enhance Millennial engagement.  

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