How To Guide: The Value of QR Codes
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How To Guide: The Value of QR Codes

Our world is changing rapidly, and no changes have been faster than the role technology has played in automating processes that have historically required staff members.  If you have dined out anywhere during the last 6 months, you may seen an influx of QR codes everywhere, which like it or not might be the new norm. Scan these QR Codes and you have your table location, menus specific to where you are seated, special offers and more. The QR code, also known as Quick Response code, has been around for a while and recently has become the preferred method for storing information for easy retrieval by your members and guests.  Have you begun leveraging this QR Code tool? Read below and find out the wonders of a QR code and the different reasons Club Operators are using them.

History of the QR code

The QR code was founded in the year 1994. It was discovered as a way to improve barcodes making it a 2D design. It wasn’t an overnight sensation and was used to track shipments, etc. In 2017 Apple decided to add the feature of reading QR codes on its iPhone which led to many establishments using it. It was tedious initially, because no one wanted to download a specific app for the specific purpose of scanning QR codes.   However, the technology evolution soon allowed QR Codes to be identified by the smart phone’s camera, and ease of use really accelerated.  With the arrival of COVID restrictions, the no-contact policy, QR code usage really started to gain steam and began to spread everywhere. Many big brands started using QR codes in their marketing campaigns and it helped them tremendously. Thanks to QR codes, menus no longer had to be handed from person to person, Coca Cola even uses QR codes at their soda fountains for drink selections.

There are numerous other ways you can use a QR code to reach your audiences. Here are some of them.

Food and Beverage

There’s a very good chance you are already using QR codes at the table as an effective replacement for physical menus.  Not only is this an improvement in no-contact service, it also allows for multiple menus to be available in an easy-to-use single QR Code.  Bar menus, Happy Hour Menu, Cocktail Menus, Draft Beer Lists… all can easily be found linked to a single QR Code allowing your members and guests to easily see all their available options. 

Retail Information

When customers are in the Pro Shop and want more information about a particular product, they do not need to ask anyone. They can just scan the QR code attached to the product which gives them all the details about the product, reviews etc.  These QR Codes can allow the customer to gain information and often read reviews of the product, further validating the product and inspiring an immediate purchase. 

Golf Course Guide

For some time now, QR Codes have been used as a link to yardage guides for the golf course.  Often these QR Codes can be placed on the scorecard, at the tee box or in the golf cart itself, allowing members the ease of reading the QR Code in the golf cart and then having the yardage guide available to them right on their smart phone. 

Social Media

There are also ways to use QR codes that direct customers to your social media pages. Depending on the social media apps on your phones, the QR code opens your profile on their social media application and gives them the option easily follow you and to have a look at your posts, pictures and activity.  This is also a great way to engage your members to take pictures of their group or the native landscape and post them on your social media channels as well. 

Event Registration

Few places do more social and activity programming than private clubs.  There is a good chance you have flyers and posters up at your club emphasizing different events that you have planned for the future.  Simply adding a QR Code to these posters could ease the process of registration.  Your member sees the event poster, reads the QR code that takes them to the event registration page.  Simple, Easy, Fast. 

Will your customers use these QR Codes?  I think it is quite reasonable to assume that only a percentage of your members will actually engage and take advantage of these QR Codes.  That percentage is probably closely aligned to your age demographics, rural or urban location, and history of technology use at your club.  However, the members and guests that are likely to use this technology will really appreciate the efficiency and you’ll be demonstrating to your entire membership that the club is embracing new ideas, while still appreciating the legacy and history of your club. 

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