Valentine’s Day 2022: Last Minute Checklist
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Valentine’s Day 2022: Last Minute Checklist

For many clubs, one of the first opportunities to hold a member event happens early in the season on Valentine’s Day.  While there still might be a bit of pandemic chaos in your area, in most it is feeling more like 2020 than 2021. 

One thing is for sure, change could happen at any time and the ability to be both proactive AND reactive has never been more valuable.  Here’s a few checklist ideas to make sure you have everything ready for the special day.

Proactively Communicate Your COVID Protocols

With the continued presence of the Omicron variant, safety regulations are going to be highly valuable to many of your members.  Are you required to be confirming vaccination status? Are masks required upon entry? Communicating all your safety plans are important, as some may be reluctant to join you unless they have a strong sense that these issues are tightly under control.

  • Communicate your safety requirements at least 3 days in advance, allowing members to have a good sense of what they have to have when they arrive.
  • Have extra masks available for members upon arrival if they are required
  • Be sure to post your menu and allow the option for members to purchase the dinner and take it To-Go back to their homes, including wine pairings if appropriate.

Stay Close to Your Member Reservations

It’s a great idea to keep the lines of communication open with the members that have a reservation on Valentine’s Day.  An effective, but often overlooked activity, is to pick up the phone 48 hours prior to arrival and just confirm their reservation.

  • Call each reservation 48 hours in advance and confirm the details of their reservation, text those that you leave a message for as well.
  • Offer them any upgrades or packages you have developed as well like a champagne reception at the table, perhaps flowers at the table or chocolates, all small details that will make the member look great and deliver a special experience.

Fill the Seats

Even in the best of times, cancellations happen.  This is where the social media platforms at your club can really be a point of leverage.  Post the remining reservations available each hour on Valentine’s Day.  There are going to be a few members looking for last minute Valentine’s Day dinner reservations.  Social media can be the reminder you need to make sure they know you are having an event, and can select you for their special evening.

Ideally, you can link your online dining reservation system at your club to your social media posts so members can see your available reservations, click through to your website and make a dining reservation online, all without the need to call and talk with a staff member.

Get Ready for Walk-Ins

Valentine’s Day isn’t typically big for walk-in guests, but this is not a typical year. With the continued question marks around COVID, there may be more walk-ins than normal. 

This can be better accommodated by pre-seating your existing reservations and holding specific tables for walk-in members.  This assumes you have available inventory of course.  

During the staff meeting prior to the evening dinner shift, it is also a good idea to run through common questions, any special services or upgrades available, and provide a reminder to staff of the safety protocols in case they are asked by guests.  

It’s likely this will be a busy Valentine’s Day even if there are a few unexpected and unpredictable things happen that cause you and the team to adapt on the fly.  The secret to making sure it’s as easy and stress free as possible is to communicate with members in advance, plan for the evening and your ability to help accommodate the unexpected member, and keep your staff focused on the thing that really matters- the member experience! 

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